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Null48 aims to protect the privacy of consumers on the Internet.

We believe that strengthening the protection of personal privacy on the Internet will not only protect our users but also increase the trust of the user and ultimately participate in online activities.

Our policy is to inform you about the types of information we collect about you when you visit our website, how we use it, whether we disclose it to anyone and your choice of the information we use.

Strive to provide visitors with many advantages of Internet technologies and provide an interactive, personalized experience.

By using our website, you agree with the privacy policy and terms of use of our site.

 Privacy Policy

How do we collect the information and technologies that we use?

This section provides information about the information we collect and how the technology works.


1. Biscuit.We use a “cookie”

The cookies we host on your computer are a very small text file that uniquely identifies your browser and can be sent to your computer or mobile device.

Only when you visit our site, they are stored on your hard drive and communicate with our servers.

We use cookies to improve the quality of Null48

They allow us to track aggregate metrics, such as the total number of visitors and the number of pages viewed.

They also allow us to optimize the Android site to provide the best experience for our users.

Your web browser can be configured to accept cookies, but you can block cookies in your web browser settings.

Please note that blocking cookies may interfere with certain functions. To learn more about managing browser cookies:

In addition, we allow third parties to display ads, search lists, and other content on your computer or device to configure and access their cookies on your computer or device, and any cookies may apply to third-party privacy policies, Not ours.

These companies can use information that is not associated with a personal identifier (for example, click information, browser type, time and date, clicks or promotional topics) during your visit to Null48 to provide you more advertising about products and services interesting.

These companies often use cookies or third-party websites to collect this information.

We also work with several interested advertising agencies to provide advertising and/or to collect certain information when visiting our website.

Interest-based advertising agencies can use cookies to collect non-personally identifiable information when visiting our website in order to advertise other sites that may be of more interest to you.

To learn more about this “profitable advertising” or to refuse to use anonymous information, visit the website of the National Advertising Initiative:

2. Device Information.

We collect information about Internet browsers, computers, tablets, mobile phones, smartphones or other devices used to access Null48 to ensure that Null48 is optimized for these devices.

3. Analytics (analysis).

We use the third-party information to analyze and analyze the use and viewing of templates for Null48 users.

We allow third-party analytics companies to include Web beacons and cookies on Null48.

The information received contains search criteria, search parameters, user clicks and other similar information.

We use this information to improve Null48 and ensure that we provide relevant content to users.

The Google Analytics we use does not recognize individual Null48 users.

4. The log file

We can also automatically record anonymous information about visitors to Null48, including, but not limited to, visiting the user on our website, IP addresses, used search queries, the type of browser and the history of reading visited web pages.

Third-party ad networks and social networks

Null48 expects that its partners, advertisers, will respect the privacy of our users.

However, third parties, including our partners, advertisers, and other content providers, can access policies and methods of confidentiality and data collection through our website.

For example, during your visit to our site, you can link or view part of the content actually created or hosted by a third party within the structure of the Null48 page.

In addition, with Null48 you can enter or have access to information, websites, ads, specialties, contests or lotteries provided by others.

Null48 is not responsible for the actions or policies of such third parties.

When you provide information about functions or pages managed by third parties, you should review the applicable privacy policies of these third parties.

On our website, our advertisers, advertising partners or other third parties may use cookies or other technologies to try to determine some of your preferences or obtain information about you.

For example, some of our ads are provided by third parties and may include cookies that allow advertisers to determine if you’ve seen a particular ad before.

Thanks to the features available on our website, third parties can use cookies or other technologies to gather information.

Null48 is not responsible for the use of this technology or the information received and is not responsible for any actions or policies of such third parties.


When you visit our website, we use third-party advertising agencies for advertising.

These companies may not use personal information about your visit to this website and other websites (that is, information that does not include your name, address, email address or phone number) to provide information that may be of interest to you.

To learn more about third-party ads or to opt out of such ads, you can visit the Online Advertising Initiative and the Digital Network.


In addition to the above, we have implemented some functions of Google Analytics that support display ads on Null48, including moving.

Visitors to Null48 can opt out of using Google Analytics, set up ads on the Google Display Network using the Google Ads Preferences Manager, and learn more about how Google displays ads by checking the Customer Advertising Help Center.

If you do not want to sign in to Google Analytics, you can also download the Google Analytics opt-out browser plug-in.

Note: Maybe In Future Work With Google Adsense … I Hope That’s Very Soon!!

Changes to Privacy Policy

Null48 reserves the right to change or update this privacy policy at any time and to post on the website a notice stating that we are changing our privacy policy.

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If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us.

Last updated: December 1, 2017.