Solar Walk 2 App Ios Free Download

Solar Walk 2 App Ios Free Download Pass through the planets. Watch the stars closely, not in the dream! Get acquainted with the heavenly bodies.


Travel to Solar Walk 2.Solar Walk 2 App Ios Free Download

See the sun closely.eWeather HD App Android Free Download.

Solar Walk 2 App Ios Free Download

Know the place of planets and stars in the world.Solar Walk 2 App Ios Free Download

This application has been developed using the most advanced encyclopedia on the beauty of the solar system and space exploration.Solar Walk 2 App Ios Free Download

Solar walk is a space simulation program and an amazing solar system that delights both children and adults and delivers an unforgettable experience for all the enthusiasts of space and astronomical events.Solar Walk 2 App Ios Free Download

This dream simulator of the journey into the heavens, which is a long-standing wish of humans and is, and introduces you to all the wonderful events that occur in the heavens.

Other Features: This application provides great simulations.

Other features of this software are the simulation of planets, satellites and other celestial objects that are in the right positions.

Viewing Earth from the International Space Station, tracking the flight of the Hubble Telescope and other terrestrial satellites, traveling in time and studying the astronomical events of different courses will all be possible in this astounding program.

Vito Technology is a Solar Walk application that fascinated the enthusiasts of the sky.

Solar walk app features:

– 3D models of space planes and celestial bodies

– Information on the history of space exploration and space missions

– Timer to track the motion of the celestial bodies and study the heavenly events

– Panorama from space

– Amazing Space Event

– View from different directions and angles

– Training programs suitable for all ages

– Easy and intuitive interface

– Stunning visual effects and beautiful high quality graphics

– Astronomical calendar

Solar Walk 2 App Ios Free Download

Solar Walk 2 App Ios Free Download You can also get acquainted with how the eclipse and eclipse occur.

App v1.5.0.2 Premium for iOS




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