Adera Game Android Free Download

Adera Game Android Free Download He is interested in traveling and discovering the mysteries of people and things around the world and recording these wonders in his book.

Overview:Adera Game Android Free Download

Adera In this game, Jane Sinclaire, a world-class tourist and adventurer, has faced his greatest challenge in his travels in the city of Lost and Extreme Adera.Parkour Simulator 3D Game Android Free Download.Adera Game Android Free Download

Jane has invited you to accompany one of his great travels to help him discover the wonders of this dreamland alongside his inexperienced emotional experience.Adera Game Android Free Download

Collect hidden creatures and discover the environment to discover the mystery of this great new civilization.Adera Game Android Free Download

Other Specifications: This great journey begins when Jane’s grandfather tells him about the existence of a lost city in distant lands during his death and asks him to travel there and discover the great mystery of the city.Adera Game Android Free Download

He enters the land under the influence of his grandfather’s words.

Riddles will become increasingly trickier and require a creative, intelligent mind to discover the secrets. Think well and help Jane in this way.

The things on the track will help you solve the puzzle.

Identify and go ahead.

Game features of Adera:

– 3D and unique game graphics

– Attractive sound effects to attract user attention

– Challenging the mind of the person alongside the great emotional feeling

– Amazing Dreaming Experience

– Discover the mystery and familiarity with the lifestyle of individuals at times

Adera Game Android Free Download

Adera Game Android Free Download Hurry up and start the game. Discover the mysteries and solve them aloud and get to the next steps.

Game v0.0.56 for Android


Download Adobe Acrobat Reader – version 0.0.56 – 36.73 MB: CLICK HERE

Adera Android Data File – Version 0.0.56 – 1.23 GB: CLICK HERE


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