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Airline Commander – A real flight experience in the style of simulated games designed for users of Android devices, and now we are going to introduce this game to the presence of your loved ones. I Am Monster Idle Destruction Apk Game Android Download

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In this game you can get realistic flight experience with a stylized Android game and enjoy it. You can create the best airline lines and manage dozens of planes at the same time.

Exciting challenges in the hundreds of airports with real gangs and high-quality areas are waiting for you. In this game you can experience all the great flight. The routes you traverse and the flights you fly make you grow and grow day by day.

During the game, learn how to use all of the airplane controls and prepare yourself to deal with faults, emergencies, and adverse weather conditions, because you may be challenged at any moment and you must be able to handle the challenges. Go well The more you can get your airline, the sooner you can get your fleet.

If you are interested in piloting and flying games, there’s no doubt that this game can be the best option among other similar games. Be sure to be the best. If you are interested in the game, you can now install the latest version of the game along with its custom version on your Android phone and tablet and enjoy the game with it.

Some of the features of Airline Commander – A real flight experience:

-Supports dozens of small planes to build your own fleet, including turbines, reactions, single decks or two floors.
-Styles Real and Bund Airport.

  • Areas and airports with high resolution satellite imagery and navigation around the world.
  • Real time air traffic with real airlines on the ground and on the fly.
  • Real SID / STAR and landing with pushback system.

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Category: Free Simulation GAME
Latest Version: 1.1.5
Publish Date: 2019-01-10
Get it on: Google Play
Requirements: Android 4.1+