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In his last quest for the Galactic Treasure, Nanny came in contact with some very sensitive information containing a mysterious and secret planet that needed help called “Planet Earth.” It is said that this Blue Planet Milky Way galaxy is in great difficulty because the resources are too exaggerated, not as much as it should be.

The wedding has never heard of “recycling”. Unfortunately, somewhere in the definition of “Recycling” of foreigners and English, the definition of glass bottles explained that BIG BOUNCY bombs were used for RELEASE!

Help our penny to “recycle” all bottles of glass and “save” Earth Earth!


A fun goal and click physics-based action game! Push your finger gently to position the target icon correctly, then release your finger to light the bouncy balloon and to evaporate all the bottles and stones. Try to clear all 5 bottles at each level before you get out of the balls. Use Guaca Parrot and Cannon Balls whenever possible to help you wipe each level!


~ 50 levels of fun! 25 comes soon in level 3 packaging
~ Extra bonus level unlocked by collecting 3 stones on each level.
~ Super-Awesome Retina Graphics … pure eye candy!
~ With our new Guaca character, pet crab petty!
~ Great game based on physics! Check your healthy skills.

  • Free upcoming updates – many other levels!
    Have fun and start playing now!

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