AmpliTube App iOS Free Download

AmpliTube App iOS Free Download

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AmpliTube App iOS Free Download This unique application with a large collection of virtual handhelds allows you to record and play sounds in any place and time in a global tune.

Overview:AmpliTube App iOS Free Download

Want to turn your device into a bass studio.Millimeter Pro App iOS Free Download.AmpliTube App iOS Free Download

You are even able to import your stomp before or after booting with the ability to drag and drop to the software.AmpliTube App iOS Free Download

Just connect your iPhone or iPod touch to one of the IK Interface Tools (iRig 2 or iRig HD) and be ready to run.AmpliTube App iOS Free Download

AmpliTube has 17 stomp box creative effects, 2 microphones and 1 active track in the recording section.AmpliTube App iOS Free Download

With this software, you will feel yourself in the professional recording studio.

AmpliTube software features:

– Built-in rig guitar and bass with 6 stomps, with 2 microphones, 1 cabin, and 1 amp

– There are 16 different microphones to buy

– Studio Mode for DAW editing

– Includes Speed Trainer, Metronome, and Tuner

– Support for Inter-App Audio and AudioBus

– Project sharing between versions and devices

– Import and play songs as a backup of music from your phone or computer

– Export audio file via email and SoundCloud

– Controlled MIDI

AmpliTube App iOS Free Download

AmpliTube App iOS Free Download You are now able to create your own guitar or bass with 6 stompbox FX, amplifier, and w / microphone speaker cabinet.