Angry Birds Blast is the name of another series of very popular Angry Birds games that have recently been designed and released in the style of Pascal and Arcade games with or without any restrictions on Android devices. Guard Of The Light Apk Game Android Free Download

Angry Birds Blast Apk Game Android Free Download

In Sari’s story of angry birds games is that the evil pigs have arrived in your land and have captured some birds in colored balloons and you angry birds with different capabilities from their land once again with each other Unite to save them and eliminate bad pigs.

In this new version of the game, you will learn new features of the game and the birds and you will need to use them to take their steps.Pigs have increased the army and equipment of their prisons, and you will inevitably have to use more capabilities to win the game.

Angry Birds Blast Apk Game Android Free Download

Also in this version of the game, daily challenges are added to the game that by doing they can increase your scores.

In this game, you can connect to your Facebook account and invite them to the challenges of this fascinating game to increase the charm and excitement of this game for you.

This version, like the other versions of the game, has 1 to 3 stars per step, which you should try to collect 3 stars at each stage, which will be difficult for you and challenge. So if you are one of the millionth fans of the Angry Birds series, you can download the new and popular version of this game with a score of 4.6 out of 5, with or without modifications, from our site for free. Enjoy playing it.

Some Angry Birds Blast features:

-There are more than 250 fun levels.

  • The use of amazing boosters and power ups includes slingshots, missiles, laser guns and bombs.

-Discover challenges and earn rewards in them.

-Send to Facebook and play with friends.

-It has 3 stars per step than the level of the game you reject that stage.