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Animus-Harbinger is the second-generation version of this awesome and exciting arcade action-warfare series featuring Android-powered device users, with or without modification, as well as game data. Lords of Empire Apk Game Android Free Download

You are immersed in deep sleep, and you see nightmares that are cast down by your territory and captured by the enemies of this realm.
and all the inhabitants of the land have been slaughtered, and you stand alone in salvation and death.

You are sent by your king to save the children captured by your enemies from your territory, and in this way you have to bear many dangers and make your way through strange humans and monsters.

Open in different territories and fight all your enemies to reach captive children and save them.

You can also strengthen your arms and force throughout the game to make your game even harder and make your way.

Animus-Harbinger Game Features:

-Game with an exciting and exciting storyline.

  • Offline play.

-Several weapons such as blades, axes, hammer and …

-For downloaded or unlimited game files.

-Data game data as separate file.