Archer.io: The Tale of Bow & Arrow is a challenging and entertaining game arcade game with or without a limitation on the site for users of Android devices and Android tablets. Los Angeles Crimes Online Apk Game Android Free Download

In this, You play the role of someone who must save and protect the devil and destroy the village and be the hero of the villagers.

You must fight for the villagers to find war weapons, gold coins, armor, and hat to resist and defeat the devils and dragons to save their village.

This game has a simple interface and you can easily learn the game, but that does not mean that the gameplay is simple and easy.

The stages of the game will be a challenging and exciting challenge for you to survive. You have to pass through the arrows and beams that are in your possession and always try to shoot the target, which requires skill and accuracy in the game.

Game Features of Archer.io: Tale of Bow & Arrow:

-Ability to play with friends and challenge at random.
-Ability to play online both online and offline.
An engaging graphics and animation game.

  • Have a simple memorization of the game.