ARK: Survival Evolved 1.0.75 is an adventure game from the studio studio studio Wildcard released on the Android Market.Creative Destruction Apk Game Android Free Download.

In this Android game, you have to travel on a mysterious island alone and unarmed, collect resources and tools, and build your haven for yourself and hunt for yourself.

Meet other players and friends in this Jurassic period.

Build tribes and cooperate with each other and build colonial survivors.

So try to defend your mission by completing missions and capturing dinosaurs and building powerful structures against humans and attacking predators.

Some of the features of ARK: Survival Evolved Android:

– More than 80 dinosaurs
– Use Amazing Strategies and Tactics
– Discovery: A life perspective and a huge variety of storms as you survive, grow and escape in the Ark.
– Crafts and making: with
– Use of weapons, clothes and various items
– Build shelters, villages and even big cities
– Participate in the survival of single-player or other players in an online world
– Joining a tribe: tribal system
– Share resources.

Please note:

this game is officially supported only on Android-devices with a touch screen with a memory capacity of at least 3 GB and the latest support for Vulkan. Some devices should be able to play and be listed as incompatible.

We will solve this problem as soon as possible.

Immerse yourself in the exciting adventure of ARK dinosaurs: survival and evolution! The huge game world unites more than 80 unique dinosaurs and primitive animals that allow you to capture and tame – create conditions for survival – no.

Meet other players and friends in this world of the Jurassic era, form a tribe and jointly create a colony of survivors.

Based on the genre of personal computers and game consoles to determine adventure, ARK: Evolution Survival challenges you to survive and evolve on a mysterious island where you are lonely and free.

Collect resources and craft tools for housing and hunting.

Expand your domain name when capturing and taming dinosaurs at an auction.

Create new friends, form tribes and create strong structures to protect against people and large predators!

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