Evolution Game Android Free Download Evolution Game Android Free Download Here, scientists are conducting scientific experiments on enzymes and bacteria to get to know their lives and their impact on the environment until they face new bacteria. Evolution Game Android Free Download Evolution Welcome to our Scientific Lab.Cartoon Defense 5 Game Android Free Evolution Game Android Free Download

We invite you to participate in this controversial and scientific Evolution Game Android Free Download

Enter the lab and use the available equipment to discover the mystery of the life of this playful Evolution Game Android Free Download

Get ready for this great Evolution Game Android Free Download

Eat not to eat.

If you want to survive in the complex world of bacteria, you must try to evolve.

Other Specifications: You will learn about the fascinating game of evolution alongside the battle and the fight, with tips on the lab equipment, laboratory creatures and their way of life.

You can do real science experiments in this simulated environment and get to know the results.

Use plankton and other small bacteria to feed and supply your energy.

The more you eat, the stronger you become and the battle with other bacteria will be easier.

You can navigate and control the behavior of the smallest bacteria in this game.

There are vital skills to help you in this game, with which you can upgrade your path of development and skill.

This is a very attractive and exciting game from the Akadem Studio which is now fully available to you.

Features of the game Evolution:

– Availability of expediting options and speeds

– Change the DNA to your liking, which can increase your abilities to destroy other bacteria and multiply your evolution speed.

– Availability of power supplies to supply the energy needed by bacteria

– It has various health options to fight others, speeds up for faster movement, and power for more powerful blows in the game. Evolution Game Android Free Download Evolution Game Android Free Download This adventure game began with the bacteria showing tremendous behaviors and began to evolve in the lab.

Game v3.12.0 for Android


Download the firmware version of the Android game Evolution v3.12.0 – 51.67 megabytes: CLICK HERE


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