FiLMiC Pro App Ios Free Download

FiLMiC Pro App Ios Free Download

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FiLMiC Pro App Ios Free Download By Free Download Android & Ios Software And Games You Can Download Files Direct Link Download For Free.


FiLMiC Pro is the most advanced video player software ever designed for iOS smartphones and tablets.FiLMiC Pro App Ios Free Download

This software is capable of cutting edge and with the most responsive handheld camera interface on the iPhone, iPod, or Apple, the most popular softwares in this regard.Яшчэ адно выдатнае прыкладанне: LightX App Ios Free Download.FiLMiC Pro App Ios Free Download

You can also use this professional camera to use your camera software to create cool and quality video.FiLMiC Pro App Ios Free Download

FiLMiC Pro App Ios Free Download

Software features of FiLMiC Pro:

– An arc control slider for adjusting focus and exposure

– Live analysis of sets of corrugated lines, interruptions, false color and peak focus. (A8 and newer devices)

– Possibility of intensifying zoom control

– A waveform monitor with three histogram modes

– White balance white balance matrix with preset or custom station

– The existence of a content management system for naming files and projects

– Ability to sync to store preset data in the cloud and share between different devices

– Ability to control the gamma curve for natural, dynamic, flat and LOG

– Live shadows and bumps settings

– Temporary noise reduction up to 1080p resolution

– Share your video via Facebook, DropBox, Vimeo, SanDisk iXpand, FTP.FiLMiC Pro App Ios Free Download

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Author : FiLMiC Inc

Справаздача: FiLMiC Pro Support

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FiLMiC Pro App Ios Free Download

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