“Beach Farm” is a completely free game, but in playing pieces such as the gold and red diamond with real money, you have to buy. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection. A Little War Ipa Game iOS Download

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Beach Farm is an owner of the paradise island.

Iet) Turn your finger on planting and harvesting

A unique crop of coastal planting and your favorite fruits and delicious drinks

3) You can develop varieties of Q animals and interesting farm animals

Animal growth of pet animals

5) Flower Shop, Mitsushima Decoration

,) Cars, ships, airplanes

,) Trade, mutual help, fun between friends and neighbors

Ētāji) Global players who require the most Madden, the weekly score of the single score

9) Time is not what to do? No, many games await you to enjoy

Tiem) Hundreds of random prizes await you to come and collect at any time

Do you feel you still do not feel fun? Become a VIP member and allow you to enjoy an excellent feeling and a quick upgrade experience

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