I Get This Game From Google Play


Beat The Dead is the name of a new and popular game in action and zombie style that comes with Android version with or without modification. WarPods Apk Game Android Free Download

You are in the game of assaulting mores at a time when the earth is full of zombies and braggers of the century and you have the role of fighting and killing these annoying zombies as the backbone of human life.

You should do their best to curb and stop them so that you save your lives and the rest of the survivors.

In this way, you will have many problems during the game, such as Tomorrow Engine Engineers, turning on the necessary equipment, taking food, collecting weapons and ammunition, each of which has its own challenges.

Will be ahead of you.

You will receive rewards during the game by performing selective challenges of playing weapons, new rifles, etc., which you must use all of them with the right strategy to continue your life as a human being.

You will also be in the game with Boss or bosses of zombies, killing them will be more difficult to kill ordinary zombies, and you need to have strong weapons and readiness to kill them.

So if you’re a fan of zombie games, download this fun and exciting game for free, along with its old version, downloaded on the site and share your opinions with us.

The Beat The Dead features:

-Ability to play the game offline or without an internet connection.

  • Ability to collect weapons during the game as rewards.
  • Many challenges during the game.
    -The style of survival in the game.
    -Good graphics and unique game.
    -New version of the game.
    No ads in the game.