Nihilumbra Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Nihilumbra Ipa Game iOS Free Download

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Nihilumbra Ipa Game iOS Free Download You are born to discover this mystery and take away the darkness from Nihilumbra.It is here that his long Odyssey begins. He will learn to use the colors around him to gain great power and change the world.

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Description: Search and discover the beautiful Nihilumbra world and discover the mysteries in it!Catapult King Ipa Game iOS Free Download.Nihilumbra Ipa Game iOS Free Download

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Need to download via Wi-Fi connection.Nihilumbra Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Discover the wonderful world of Nihilambra and join the Motherland to find yourself in his adventure, trying to get out of your inevitable curse.Nihilumbra Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Born from absolute nothingness: emptiness. But somehow he separated himself from the black emptiness and appeared in the world.

However, his experience is at a high price. Emptiness must be one. He seeks to rework it and will never stop chasing him and destroy everything along the way.
To survive, Bonn will have to condemn the land, and he came to the inevitable emptiness …


– More than 10 hours of games.

– Reproduction of the “old school” Inspired by classic games, but with remodeled tactile devices.

– Ability to use five different colors to change the physics of the earth.

– Use the five worlds as a canvas and change them on your own.

– Two different control options: traditional button or tilt sensor.

– Soundtrack from Alvaro Lafunthe. It is recommended to use headphones.

– Wonder when the game is over. Guaranteed playback.

It’s interesting to know that you are also from the dark

So start your journey to save your world.

The game has more than 10 hours of gameplay and a fantastic classic graphics game that is very artistic.

The wonderful Nihilumbra game for iPhone, iPod, iPad Nihilumbra
Цена: $ 2.99
Категория: Игри за iPhone и iPad | приключение
Дата на пускане: 28 юни 2012 г
Последна актуализация: януари 14, 1396
Версия: 2.2
Размер на файла: 696.2 MB
Резултат: 4.5
Приложима възраст: 9+
Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1.1 or higher.

Nihilumbra Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Nihilumbra Ipa Game iOS Free Download Compatible with iPhone, iPad