Download iOS Ipa Version For iPhone Developed new epic and fighting. Strengthen action! Start with a simple quest: find the legacy of the ancient guard! Sleeping League of Dragons, waking up, gives you another combat experience.
Like a classic RPG. Added new monsters and epic equipment. This monster becomes a hero and joins your body! Find your heritage in a treasure chest until you are satisfied. You can also get rewards for other types of quests. The Amazing Bernard Ipa Games iOS Download.

Brave Fighter2 Frontier Ipa Games iOS Download

Brave Fighter 2 classic role-playing game: Border coming soon! Remember the army and fight now ~

Legendary satellite goes to the front of the battle. Colleagues have unique skills to get great equipment and strengthen their armies!
Uniting heroes is important. The battle will be strategically fun. Grouping your corps with other colleagues and skills can satisfy your formation in order to facilitate the battle! Continue to watch your formation in battle.
Epicure equipment more fun.
Fantastic castles, forests, lakes, volcanoes, and strangers, so you can see scenes to plunge into the mysterious fantasy continent. Start a new adventure here and do the Dragon Crusade exercise in the kingdom.
Fighting on the border! A well-designed crusade will give you a completely different combat experience and even more exciting combat activity.

Different roles and companions
Excellent combat experience
He is full of choice of strategic partners and equipment.
Many role skills bring different combat experience.
Extensive equipment and improved system offer various options.
Create your own armies of the Crusaders, collecting all sorts of colleagues.
The player is easy to start with simple and clear control.

Brave Fighter2: Frontier
Price: Free
Category: Games
By: wu zheyu
Version: 2.0.2
Released: 2018-01-30
Shared: 2018-01-29
Size: 171,92MB
6.0 or later