Brutal Age: Horde Invasion is a new and innovative action and strategy game that has been downloaded for free to Android device users. My Home – Design Dreams Apk Game Android Free Download

In this game you have the role of Omega people who need to find your friends in the game and build tribal with them with the help of continents to live and protect against the heat and heat and animal attack, and also with them Hunt animals, including wild mammoths, and hunt them to provide your meat and food.

During the game, you must expand your territory and tribe so that you can stand against other races or wildlife attacks and create weapons for yourself so that you can fight and overcome them to save your generation. You can build 15 different types of soldiers in this game to defend yourself and attack other tribes. This game is completely online and you can connect with other people in the game and trade with them or create a group that will make the game more attractive for Android users.

Some features of the game Brutal Age: Horde Invasion:

  • Build and expand your territory and territory.
  • Has a map from around you in the game.

-There are more than 15 different soldiers with different capabilities in the game.

  • Mammoths, Sabertooths, Treant and all the ancient monsters.