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Carcassonne Ipa Game iOS Free Download This game is the best board game for Windows Phone, and the top game is known in the German episode, which confirms the beauty of the game.

Overview:Carcassonne Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Description: Caracason is a very popular game that has been released for all gaming platforms, and even a package with a separate name that does not require an iPhone, a PC, and so on, and you can play in the traditional way!Freeze! Ipa Game iOS Free Download.Carcassonne Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Caracason is the name of a city in southern France in the province of Ed that is an old city and registered as a cultural heritage of the UNESCO.Carcassonne Ipa Game iOS Free Download

The city of Carcassonne has a lot of towers and the main idea of the game is taken from this unique feature of this historic city.Carcassonne Ipa Game iOS Free Download

This game helps you to improve your memory and accuracy, and it’s hard to make progress with the game’s progress.Carcassonne Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Carcasson is a universal game and you can install it on both the iPhone and iPad, and it also supports the game center and can also make improvements in the game at a paid cost (In-App- Purchase).

There are many buildings like large churches and nine different players, such as witch, maid, magician, Kent, and so on.

Up to 5 players can play with one device, either local or multiplayer using the internet with multiple devices. The solitaire game is also exclusive.

The game has a variety of levels that the kids can do is also easy to fit, suitable for all ages, and has a complete guide to playing the game, and it’s educational with sound that helps you get better.

In addition to the above, Carcassonne has other charm and features that make it a very beautiful game. The game has a relatively high price of $ 999.

Due to the company’s gigantic appreciation, after two years of the game’s release, it has not stopped updating, and the game’s problems have been completely overcome.

Price: $ 9.99
Category: iPhone and iPad Games | adventure
Manufacturer: TheCodingMonkeys
Release Date: Jun 04, 2010
Last updated: December 16, 2012
Version: 4.28
File size: 359.2 MB
Seller: TheCodingMonkeys
Score: 4.5
Applicable age: 4+
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.1 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad

Carcassonne Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Carcassonne Ipa Game iOS Free Download The game is simple, but it has a lot of charm !!! You can play Carcassonne with your friends and family online and offline.