Cartoon Network Arena Apk Game Android Free Download

Cartoon Network Arena Apk Game Android Free Download

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After using the magic stone to open the door of measurement, the wizard created chaos by calling the city on Mars. Booster Raiders Apk Game Android Free Download.

The world of online cartoons needs your courage and a strategy to restore the world.

enter the arena. Create a great team. Control your team and destroy the Guardian and the Crystal Tower to save the world.

Finn, Jack and many friends in the cartoon network are waiting for you!

* Collect cards and create a deck based on your strategy
– Collect all kinds of character cards in cartoon networks!
– Select 8 network adapters to use in the deck
– Use your strategic deck to win the battle in the arena
– Remove the card of your opponent and put it in the deck [Win Card Mode]

* Destroy enemy castles and take more tiles to win
– Place the correct block for each top, middle and bottom line in the arena
– Use the building line between single lines to avoid danger.
– Destroy the castle on the middle line and fill as many tiles as possible using the strength of each character

* Meet the excellent characters of cartoon networks
– Uncle Grandpa, Ben Tennyson, and other options and costumes!
– Use character expressions in animated networks to show your emotions in the arena of battle.
– Meet the various cartoon characters in the Cartoon Alliance!
* Adventure time
* Grandpa uncle
* This is 10
* Powerful magic words
* Flying Little Girl Police
* Our naked bear
* Stephen Universe