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Castle Kingdom is currently the most addictive tower defense game available now for Android smartphone and tablet users.Warlords of Aternum Apk Game Android Free Download.

Build your castle and collect your forces and get ready to destroy the enemy tower.

In this game, you own a castle that uses your skills to select forces and place them in different parts of the castle.

Choose your heroes before entering the battle, for example, you can use the Bowmen to eliminate the dragons to stop the dragons in flight. You can also choose the royal knights to defend the castle.

Your decision must be completely wise because your decision is to win or fail, so gather your wits and make the right decisions.

In this game, you have your own emperor and if you can use all your skills you can become the greatest hero and have a kingdom of glory that has been the result of your choices and important decisions.

Choose from different tribes of great heroes and upgrade them to your strategic level.

Relax slowly with other lords and strengthen your alliance with them to fight for you during the war and defend you.

Find the treasure chests and unlock them to get the powerful equipment and legendary heroes.

Prepare your heroes for battlefield battle and increase their capabilities.

Take care of your unique castle and win your battlefields with your intelligence and strategy.

Only by making important decisions can you become the greatest king and rule.

Some Important Features of Castle Kingdom: Crush in Free:

– The ability to defend the castle by taking strategic decisions.
-Ability to activate the great heroes skills in real time.
-To open the treasure chests to find powerful equipment and legendary heroes.