Bahin Walay iPhone

Bahin Walay iPhone

Part No. Part No iPhone iPhone you producer of construction Diwas Just to phone settings on the General and then to Abbott (Setting / General / About / Model) and check your phone type.


Note on the image below to check the model should be two final word to you easily search for the desired producing country. Part No iPhone in hardware phones, but it does not make a difference, there FaceTime app on the iPhone with Part No. AB. You can read more all part of the observed iPhone Nambrhay correct.

Bahin Walay iPhone
IPhone price in different countries than to Part No.

Bahin Walay iPhone

In the picture above you can see the price of an iPhone 4 in various countries. As this figure shows the iPhone 4 in Hong Kong has the lowest price and the highest price in Italy. The prices include the newer products such as the iPhone 4s and iPad New, too. So effective is that one device from Hong Kong bought and sold in other countries. If you like to know your device, the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, MacBook Pro and iMac, etc. Order Which country has the final say in the box to the part number, accuracy and compliance with the following table:

Code Region Part No iPhone

AB – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
AE - United Arab Emirates
B – Ireland, UK, also used for some replacement phones
C – Canada
CZ - Czech Republic
DN – Austria, Germany, Netherlands
E – Mexico
EE - Estonia
FB – France, Luxembourg
FD – Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
GR - Greece
HN - India
IP – Italy
J – Japan
KN – Norway
KS – Finland, Sweden
LA – Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru
LE – Argentina
LZ – Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
MG – Hungary
NF – Belgium, France, Luxembourg
PL - Poland
PO - Portugal
PP – Philippines
RO - Romania
RS – Russia
SL – Slovakia
SO – South Africa
T – Italy
TA – Taiwan
TH - Thailand
TU – Turkey
X – Australia, New Zealand
Y – Spain
ZA – Singapore
ZP – Hong Kong, Macau