In the game Contract Killer: Sniper you are a professional killer hired for impenetrable places to kill powerful people with a high security system.

Overview:Contract Killer: Sniper Game Ios Free Download

Contract Killer: Sniper is one of the top Sniper games recently released from the Glu Games Studio for the IOS operating system.Contract Killer: Sniper Game Ios Free Download

In this game you have to make various contracts and eliminate the specified individuals.Contract Killer: Sniper Game Ios Free Download

◈ Choose your contract: destroy a group of enemies, destroy the entire enemy base and kill a specified person.Contract Killer: Sniper Game Ios Free Download

◈ 250 steps: This game has 250 story stages. In these steps, you must secretly go to the specified target base and remotely destroy the goal with Snap without identifying it.Contract Killer: Sniper Game Ios Free Download

◈ Professionalize your weapons: Upgrade your weapons and personalize them. Snape, heavy gun, launcher, armor and …

◈ One-to-one fighting with different people: attacking various base stations and stealing their resources and becoming one of the biggest contract killer players: Sniper in the world.

◈ Traveling in Different Worlds: In this game you have to go to different places in the world and get the latest deals. By doing this, you become a global professional killer.

Contract Killer: Sniper is completely free for the iPhone, iPad and iPod, and you can download it from the App Store or directly from Apple’s Epps. I suggest you do not miss this game

Downloading is very simple: select the desired file and click “download a free game in American Website “, then select What your version what you need.

Author: Glu Games Inc

Report: Contract Killer: Sniper Support

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Contract Killer: Sniper Game Ios Free Download

Action Games A lot of fans around the world are one of the most popular Sneippian style action games.

Game v1.4.7 For Ios




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