Cookie Jam Blast is a popular puzzle game in the puzzle game, with its customized version available to users of the Android operating system. It is also popular with many such games from the Jam Studio Inc’s Play Studio. You have a lot of lucid challenges in this game! In this game, like in other games of this company, you have to put together the coin cookies to remove them and go to the higher stages, in the higher stages of this game you will be faced with more challenges such as the speed of action or the precision of how to remove. There are cookies that make the game more attractive and challenging. The Cookie Jam Blast has more steps and more exciting challenges than any other game in the studio. You can share this game with Facebook with your friends and invite them to challenge the game. BRAVOMAN Binja Bash Game Android Free Download

Cookie Jam Blast features:

  • Play as a game.

-Ability to share the game on Facebook.

-4 Different racing to create gelatin bees!

  • Get cake boxes with different challenges in the game.

Participate in the Challenge of Game Awards by earning 20 stars.

  • Daily spells in the game.