COOKING DASH is a serious and popular arcade game featuring Android games users with or without modifications. Panda Pop Apk Game Android Free Download.

Sometimes it’s very crowded in the game of your restaurant and you have to prepare yourself to serve all the people quickly, because if you do not spend more time for a while, it will not stay in your restaurant, You will lose, and at the same time you must attract high satisfaction to come to your restaurant.

In this game, you have the role of a chef who has just opened its restaurant and is waiting for its delicious food for its customers.

You should keep your customers happy with their delicious foods so they can come to your restaurant more and you will have a higher income.

With the money you get from your restaurant during the game, you can upgrade your restaurant and have more and better tables, and also buy your own gadgets in better versions.

You can also buy other delicious recipes during the game and increase your customers. Also, in some cases for your own restaurant, you need to use real purchases from your Google Play account to buy some special items for your restaurant, which, of course, will have a lot of impacts.


-The ability to play the game offline and without having to be connected to the Internet.

-Good and good graphics.

  • The ability to upgrade your own food and food at the restaurant.

-To get 1 to 3 stars to get customer satisfaction at every stage of the game.