Cube Escape: Paradox is an exciting and thought-provoking game in the style of Maslie and Struggles, which is completely free for Android users. Bond Of Destiny Apk Game Android Free Download

You play the role of a custodian who lives in the dark days of his life and sits in his room, and then he realizes that he has been caught in a paralytic game that he must use all his intelligence and power to make that living room It’s safe to kill.

During the game, you will realize that these games are designed by your old enemy who intended to destroy your life.

You must do your best to get out of this cubicle room and find its secret and reveal the secrets of this cube.

The game has detailed and confusing drawings on the walls that are mysterious on them, and you will also play this game in two different seasons.

This game is offline without the need for the Internet and without ads in the middle of the game. So if you’re a fan of games and puzzles, be sure to download this fascinating game from our site for free and enjoy it.

Some features of the game Cube Escape Paradox:

-The ability to play in two different seasons.
-Designing the game’s charming and accurate design.
-Guest polyphonic and thought-provoking gameplay.

  • Beautiful paintings by famous painter Johann Schroeder.
    -Supports 14 different languages ​​in the game.
    An exciting conversation throughout the game.