Prey Day Survival – Craft amp Zombie Apk Spil Android gratis download

Prey Day: Survival – Craft amp Zombie Apk Spil Android Gratis download


Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie is an awesome and entertaining game of action and survival style that comes with game data for Android applications. Dead Paradise The Road Warrior Apk Spil Android Gratis download

Your game starts in 2033, when a mutated and dangerous virus is spreading in the world, and the world goes to the apocalypse, and with this virus people turn into moving zombies, but dead and blood-thirsty, you in this game People must not be cautious about invading the virus, as well as taking care not to kill the zombies themselves and turning them into battle and fighting for your survival and the generation of humanity.

Your goal, except for the killing of zombies, should be to use your strategy, strategy, and strategy carefully.

You will not lose your zombies during the game, because you lose your human hope of survival as well.

It will go away and the game will end.

In this online game, you can join the clan makers who have formed the rest of the game and go with them to fight and kill the zombies and defeat them.

With the online play of the game and becoming members in different groups you can be more excited and the competition and challenge of the game will go up for you so as a result of the attraction more than other zombie games.

You have to play tricks and strategies during the game, including saving your resources, placing traps for zombies, making weapons for self-defense and updating and strengthening your defenses.

Also, in this game with other challenges such as cold, there are few resources and weapons, hunger, etc.

You must have their own strategies for them and come back to them in 2033 and to survive. Grab your humanity.