Dead Paradise The Road Warrior
In Action Games style that is designed for Android users. Returners Apk Game Android Free Download

This game is very popular among users.

The story of the game is that the United States is being attacked by strange forces. In the meantime, you join forces with the United States and fight fights against foreign forces.

In this game you have to use your guns at the right time to fight against the enemy.

Use NDRC machine guns and launchers to eliminate destructive gangs.

In this game you have 4 types of vehicles that these vehicles are able to withstand each obstacle.

Be sure to use them. During the game, you must remember to upgrade your vehicles and weapons, because at each stage the enemy becomes stronger and you must also be as strong as yourself.

The game environment and the scenes you see in the game are very similar to the fashion Max movie.

If you are fans of these games and you enjoy, we will introduce you this exciting game.

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Some features of Dead Paradise The Road Warrior:

-Have more than 70 levels with different locations: city, desert, truck, suburbs, and so on.
-It has 5 vehicles including tank.
-There are more than 15 types of enemy from ordinary bikes to heavy tanks.
-Ability to subscribe to your friends on Facebook.

  • Have a machine gun, a shotgun and a grenade.