I Get This Game From Google Play


Death City: Zombie Invasion is a fascinating and entertaining game in the style of action and emotion that comes with the Android version of the Android version. Escape Room: Mystery Word Apk Game Android Free Download

The story starts with the fact that the virus accidentally enters the human body and turns them into zombies, and you, who did not become, must fight to survive and stay alive and not turn to the knee-jerks.

You come with two more helpers to kill zombies. You have to unlock and kill all the zombies that you fight and kill them and collect points in the game, these points come in to help you after each stage you can buy new weapons or Upgrade your weapon and make it stronger because the zombies are going to become more and more difficult in the next stages.

You are in zombie warfare in different environments with different challenges, for example, you go to the zombies in the rain forests, highways, villages, ruins, and … and each one has differences Will fight zombies.

At the end of the process, you would have been City into a stronger, more horrible zombie or horror, which would require a lot of trouble to kill.

Death City Zombie Invasion:

  • Play as a game.
    -The ability to upgrade weapons.
    -For different environments such as forests, ruins and …
  • Have a high graphics in the game.
    -It has a boos challenge game.
    Have conversations in the game.