Death Invasion: Survival is a very popular and exciting new action-style game featuring Android-powered OS users with or without restraint on this site. You are in the game in a small town occupied by bloodthirsty zombies, and you have to try to get out of this city alive and kill zombies so you do not get infected and do not turn into unfocused zombies. TerraGenesis Colony Colony Apk Game Android Free Download

In this game, you have to shoot more zombies than handsets because zombies do not stop attacking you, and you just have to throw them in pieces and save yourself from them.

There are few fellow survivors in this city, and you should not take them with you or you can not do this, but you need them to go out of town, so you need to find them in the city and get along with you.

Take to help you out in the city to go out and have the chance to stay alive.

You have a backpack in this game that you can carry the items you need and also have gloves that wear when your beams are finished and your fists are heavy and deadly.

And use them to kill zombies.

You need to save money and food and groceries so they will stay in the next stages and you will live out of town. Also, you will encounter Boos in this game, killing them will require a lot of time, profession, and weapons, so you have to prepare yourself for those stages so that Boos zombies do not beat you.

If you are a fan of action games, this game is very attractive and excitement with high graphics and much to be sure that you must download and enjoy it.