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Data Game Version:3.10.13

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Drag Battle Racing is a racing game format designed for users of Android phones and tablets. Big Baller Apk Game Android Free Download.

Now you can download the latest version of this fascinating game on our site completely free and enjoy the game.

Upgrade your Umbilical Drives, activate new skills for it, use your designs for new parts, and use them in your car to win rivals.

Use the features of the game and change the look of your car from lights to car body kits.

You can change the car’s design and color, and make the car as you want until it’s in place.

Sit down and drive you to enjoy it.

During the game, you will gradually increase your driving skills so that your chances of winning are higher.

All parts of the car in this game can be changed or upgraded, such as aerodynamics, tire composition, weight distribution, the power to weight ratio, and so on.

In this exciting game, you will receive missions at every stage that you will be dropping from different places on each mission, and the game designers put extra-cute and eye-catching places in the game so players at each stage Enjoy new landscapes.

Download this exciting game and compete with others.

Upgrade your car’s features and capabilities, and appear at every step more powerful to win the race.