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Experience the thrill of riding a fuel with a lower efficiency of nitromethane over 9000 hp. on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

When you cover 1000 feet in less than 5 seconds, wait for three yellows and turn off the fire in the blink of an eye. Taichi Panda: Heroes Ipa Game iOS Free Download.

Race on 4 different tracks and increase bonuses. Win a game and earn money to improve your racing chassis, engine, and tires.

4 matches in the match with the champion “Andra” “Fuel Dragster” Darren Morgan.

Qualifications and competitions
Win four rounds before the final round.

Earn cash
Race on 4 different tracks and increase bonuses.

Upgrade your car
36+ improves engine performance, tires and reduces chassis weight.

Online multiplayer races
Race with other drivers from around the world.

True accident physics
Realistic 3D graphics, car physics and performance.

Early burns.
The driver is allowed to carry out the flame before each pass, and the driver’s tire cleans and heats the drive tire to improve traction. Look at the temperature panel on the left, but be careful, too much of the choke will overheat the tire and reduce the grip!


This is what Top Twitter said:

J.R. Todd @J_R_Todd
“Upgrading Dragster Mayhem is a bad guy!”

AlexisDeJoria Racing @ ADR_Nitro771
“Waiting for the red carpet, Del plays in Dragster Mayhem.” What is your fastest ET? ”?


Tips for the game:
• Heat tires for better grip, but don’t overcook!

• Continue to use 3 yellow lights, do not wait for green!

• Win four rounds in a row to win the final round.

• Bonus increases after each round of winnings.

• Spend winning credits on upgrades and the new liver.

• Unlock new tracks to get big prizes and new opponents.

Throw down in a modern gaming center and release the best time. Good luck!

To keep Dragster Mayhem as up-to-date as possible, some very old devices are no longer supported. This includes the iPhone 3GS, iPad 1 and iPod Touch 3rd Gen.