Dream Hospital – The Health Care Manager Simulator is a popular simulation game that comes with Android-powered versions of it. Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War Apk Game Android Free Download

In this game, you get on the board of the hospital, the medical center of several cities and become a hospital capitalist! You need to take care of your hospitals and their health care and equipment, and …

and have them monitored and cared for.

In your hospitals, you should always be open to all patients who come to you and treat them all in a fair way and get their consent.

This game is a simulated game of real hospitals and you have to provide the tools and make all the work of the hospital to become a good place to treat all your sick patients and emergency room, operating room, appliances Provide the expertise needed for your hospital and really get to know them and use them.

You also need to provide staff members with a doctor, general practitioner, accountant, health specialist, etc. and train them to do their best.

You must have different strategies for your hospitals and provide the medicines and medical equipment you need for your patients or hospital pharmacists with the budget and income you have to make your hospitals to the city’s top hospitals, as well as in other cities later on.

You establish your own hospitals and serve your patients.

You should be angry and hired in the hospital for all the choices mentioned in your hospital, whether it’s yourself or your equipment or personnel, and be the best manager you can not reach your hospital.

Also, you need to provide advanced equipment like XRAY or … and experience them simulated, accurate, and even with high graphics. You are required to provide all the conditions as best as possible so that your patients will have complete satisfaction from your hospital and attract them and do not let them leave your hospital.

There are also many hospitals in your city or in the rest of the cities.

There is another point that you have to compete with all the lolly ones and challenge yourself and other hospitals.

So if you are a student in any part of the hospital or you are interested in a hospital or management, download this great and accurate simulation game from download.ir and enjoy playing it.