Ejen Ali Emergency An exciting and popular game in the style of action games and strategy that comes with Android game users along with the game data file. Cube Escape: Paradox Apk Game Android Free Download

This award-winning game is based on games that mark the popularity and attractiveness of the game among users of Android devices.

Sama is in the role of Ali in a space full of important information you want to gain, and there is a lot of security and security behind this site.

You have to escape with the weapons you have in your hands and their strength or destroy them to reach your goal.

You are drawn into a variety of challenges in this game that you have to survive to win the game.

an progress through the game and collect points during the game to upgrade your weapons and equipment, and to make your enemies stronger, make you stronger and upgrade yourself.

You can also invite your friends to this game and get points in the game by connecting to your Facebook account in this game.

Key Features of Ejen Ali Emergency:

-It has 50 levels and different challenges in the game.

  • Award winner among Android games.
    -The ability to upgrade your devices during the game.
  • Survival mode in the game.
    -Ability to connect to your Facebook account.
    -Compliant with the game data file individually.