Empire Warriors TD is an awesome, popular game in the style of strategy games designed by Zitga Studios, a production studio with Android version users. This game is like an awesome game of clash of clans and with interesting differences. What’s inside the box? Apk Game Android Free Download

In this 2D game, you have to build your defensive fortune from the beginning and reinforce it along with the time you put it, and put on your defenses and attacks against your enemies and make them more up-to-date.

And more powerful, you need money and resources for the raw material they need to be made, and you need to get all of them from the sources of volatility that you make, and most of it in the wars and loot that you go into.

Get your castle up and protect your valuable people and resources and castles. You play this game on a fantastic and fascinating continent called Ioria. Many tribes live on this continent like humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls, goblins, monsters and many other legendary creatures, and you must use them and protect your castle most.

This game is played online, which is one of the charm, excitement and challenges of this game that you are doing in the face of the rest of the real people who built and protect their castles that are both more realistic and There will be many more challenges.

Every castle you make; any defensive device, any wall, or anything else in the game on that continent is uncovered historically behind it, which will be familiar throughout the game, indicating that for the game’s details and its history They are important and you play a very precise and purple game.

Also, this game is about the actions of people who are users of the game and the better defenses they perform will rank them globally and you You have to try your best to compete with the best of the game or beat them down.

Four types of power called Armageddon, Blessing of Nature, Blizzard, and the Guardian Kingdom will help you survive and complete the mission, and you have to choose a good strategy in good time to get the result.

Better you to play in this game with more than 50 different types of monsters with attractive designs as your enemies.