European War 4: Napoleon is the name of a fascinating and entertaining game of action and strategy that comes with or without modifications to Android device users. Toy Blast Apk Game Android Free Download

You are in the role of the commander of a group in the 18th century that is the Napoleonic age. In the general European war game, you must build your own army for your own territory and increase your strategy for attacks in the game and defeat your enemies.

You could step up your game in this series of games by collecting resources and coins from war and extracting defense and attack systems and upgrading your soldiers to go to harder battles and progress in the game. But in version 4, the game has increased a lot, and the type of game has changed in some cases, which is similar to the distinctive features of any soldier with another soldier, such that each soldier can accumulate personal experiences about the war and in the wars The next is to use them in future wars.

The effectiveness of the wars has increased to some extent. Your maps are detailed in the game and you can zoom in to your castle or map, and more precisely. Weapons and items and new forces are in play. So if you’re a fan of the European war games, then download the new version with the free version and download it completely free and enjoy it.

Some features of the game European War 4: Napoleon:

-It has 42 countries and 400 different players in the game.

  • Warfare across Europe, America and Asia.
    -There are 58 treasures.
    -It has 46 general skills.
    -Main on the map without blurring.