Fingle Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Fingle Ipa Game iOS Free Download

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Fingle Ipa Game iOS Free Download Two players drag and drop five buttons of the same color onto their respective targets; their movements are not allowed to avoid touching and create hands that are intertwined with intimate moments.


Fingle Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Description: Prepare yourself for a very interesting and creative two-player game.Car Club: Tuning Storm Ipa Game iOS Free Download.Fingle Ipa Game iOS Free Download

You have to make the device with your fingers with the help of your friend!Fingle Ipa Game iOS Free Download

This game can be played at parties that you have gathered with your friends and entertain yourself for hoursFingle Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Features of this game:

Optimized Graphics for iPad
Very creative and engaging
Share games
And …Fingle Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Discover the intimacy of each other’s fingers with the puzzle of two Fingle players.

SWEAT IT – More than 130 levels in general, designed to bend fingers and brain.

GROOVE IT – Music and visual effects from the 70s make you feel good.

It feels like an ideal game to melt ice and snow, bring friends together, laugh and laugh, or start a romantic evening.

Use it – Take full advantage of the iPad and play with ten fingers!

Note. To use more than two fingers in all applications, disable multitasking gestures in the general settings.

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A fantastic 2-player Fingle game for iPad Fingle
Price: $ 1.99
Category: iPhone and iPad Games | Hobby
Manufacturer: Adriaan de Jongh
Release Date: Jan 12, 2012
Last updated: 05 1396
Version: 2.5
File size: 58.5 MB
Seller: Adriaan de Jongh
Score: 4.5
Applicable age: 9+
Compatibility Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPad

Fingle Ipa Game iOS Free Download

Fingle Ipa Game iOS Free Download Break ice or make friends uncomfortably shut them down.