FITAPP App Android Free Download, In addition, it helps you calculate your calories consumed and burned and reach your ideal weight.

Overview:FITAPP App Android Free Download

FITAPP Running Walking Fitness If you are looking for weight loss to maintain your health, you need an app that shows you the amount of calories you burn and your motivation to continue to lose weight and reach the ideal weight.FITAPP App Android Free Download

FITAPP is an ideal program for you, available to you free of charge.WordWeb App Android Free Download.FITAPP App Android Free Download

FITAPP is your personal fitness trainer, which includes a manual for recording your daily activities that accompanies you in many sports activities, such as running, cycling, skating, walking, and many other activities.FITAPP App Android Free Download

Other Features: FITAPP fitness program has a BMI calculator to calculate body mass index that shows the ideal weight proportional to your height.FITAPP App Android Free Download

By entering your height and weight, you can easily gain your excess weight.

Compared to other fitness apps, FITAPP provides its precise location through GPS, and another important feature is that the battery saves your device while it’s running, running, or walking.

FITAPP Running Walking Fitness features:

– The fitness program shows you the amount of distance and speed for the amount of calories you want to burn.

– With the FITAPP fitness program you can also compare different types of sports activities. This feature helps you track all your activities and run through GPS and calculate the amount of calories you burn.

– Record weight at intervals to observe the weight loss process

– Voice feedback function for current speed and average speed during your activity

– This app is provided completely free

FITAPP App Android Free Download

FITAPP App Android Free Download You can easily track your activities through GPS, record it in your notebook and calculate your calorie requirement.

App v4.3.2 for Android




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