The Flight Sim 2018 is a simulated game for exciting pilots and games that come with Android-powered device users with its free and up-to-date version as well as game data. Battle Breakers Apk Game Android Free Download

In this game, you can sense the very real flight along with the routes and all airports simulated very accurately and with top graphics.

In this game, you have a global map of all the airports in the world that you have tried to accurately simulate and you can fly by plane to any of them you want to fly.

In this game, you try to get everything accurate and closer to reality so you have to learn all the buttons in the plane and those that are needed for your checkout or landing to complete the full flight.

The game is also very useful for those who are or are interested in piloting because all of the equipment is actually put in place.

In this game, you can choose the many planes that exist in the world and experience their different experiences and feelings.

Flight Sim 2018 Game Features:

  • Ability to play the game offline or without the need for the Internet.

-Black selection of many current planes in the world.

  • Flight capability at day or night.

-Ability to fly in different weather conditions.

-Ability to communicate with flight radio.

-In the request of new aircraft in the social network of this game.

  • The actual cabin of the plane.
  • Have a free version of the game.