HERETIC GODS is an exciting and challenging game of action and strategy that comes with Android version users. Warplanes WW2 Dogfight Apk Game Android Free Download

HERETIC GODS is an ARPG in which players can enter a dark world full of dungeons and monsters.

In this game, you enter the world of Vikings and get acquainted with the myths of living Vikings.

In this game, you have to enter the streets and the towers of the chalets and dark spots and defeat them from strange humans and creatures and kill them.

You will have different weapons in this game that you can use to fight enemies and monsters, which will be one of these archery weapons that you will need to focus on killing monsters with it and you must have your own strategy you have.

This game is an online game that you can arrange with your other friends in this scene in a group and next to them to fight with monsters and this will make the game much more attractive.

You also have a lot of skills in this game, which will number more than 50, and you will win them during the game, which you must use to strategically defeat your enemies.

Key Features of HERETIC GODS:

-Random events during the game.
-It has more than 50 different features in the game.
-The system of self-defense struggle.
-Back of 100 free items in the game.
-Mods version.
-Ability to play online.