Heroes Infinity: God Warriors is a stunning game in adventure and adventure style with its fantastic graphics, with its customized version available to Android users. Special Forces Group 2 Apk Game Android Free Download

In this game with a lot of space and excitement, different weapons of various strengths and a lot of other exciting and attractive items that will serve you to attract the game.

You have to start your epic journey to cities and other galaxies and collect your teams during them, make yourself strong and empower them, build troops and fight the enemies of the earth.

The game’s you tragic battle is made with attractive and special animation graphics.

Many of the game’s heroes are waiting for you to put them in your team and team so they can fight alongside your fantastic powers.

Different game modes:

  • Adventure mode: Gain experience and level your heroes by defeating your enemies.
  • Skyscraper: Increases your epic team by passing a lot of difficult and hard levels.
  • Star Gates: Collect pieces and guns of the game.
  • Field of training: Develop your skills with the heroes in the battle to win.
  • Boss Party: Fight against legendary bosses and gain exclusive rewards.
  • Super Boss: Focus on when your boss is close. Your epic team must overcome them.