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Hit & Knockdown is a sporty and entertaining style for Android mobile users and tablets. Vikings: The Saga Apk Game Android Free Download.

And thanks to the great welcome of our site users, this fun game is completely free to users. have given.

The game comes with a very simple environment, which is, at the same time, very fun, and everyone can enjoy playing it.

This game has many real games that you may have experienced in the real world.

In this game, you have thumbs on your shoulders that you should throw yourself towards the bottles that face you.

This game is similar to bowling, but with the difference that you have a smaller ball than a bowling bow and you have to use it Target the bottles from the same ball until you can move the bottle all the way to the next step.

In each stage of the game, you must drop all the bottles and reach the quotas, so you can go to the next game.

This game has two different timed and limited modes that you can choose from and enjoy each time.

The limited mode is that you set the number of bottles and each time you can increase their number to increase the excitement of the game. The timed mode is such that you select a specific time to drop the tomes, for example, you set 6 seconds to drop the balls and you have to put all the bottles in one move in this 6 seconds.

Now if you are very professional Throwing all the bottles in the first throw, but it’s possible to throw the ball several times to drop all the bottles, and if you can not put all the bottles in 6 seconds, you can not go to the next.

Install this game on your phone or tablet and enjoy your time at the idle time.

Some features of Hit & Knock Down:

– Supports offline mode.

-Ability to play individually and multiplayer.

-Supports 16 different languages.