Game Android Apk Version: 1.4.6

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Take you to a simulated game for fishing and an adventure game. Hit & Knock Down Apk Game Android Free Download.

This free game is available to Android and Android users.

In this exciting game, you have to travel around the oceans and seas in many different places, collect money for fish, and upgrade your belongings, such as fishing hooks, and try to become the best angler.

Also, for the most appealing game in the oceans and seas, there are hidden treasures that you can afford to find them and compete with other friends to win the game.

Hooked Game Features:

Build your own fishing mate and upgrade your boats.

Hire recruits for your boat, give them money and upgrade them for better performance.

-To get more stars in different stages.

Compete with your friends and share your game with them.

Participate in multiplayer fishing competitions, win prizes and make money.