iCaller Ipa App iOS Free Download

iCaller Ipa App iOS Free Download

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iCaller Ipa App iOS Free Download Now you just need to enter two or three numbers or letters, and the utility displays a list of matches, and you can call a person just by touching the screen.regardless of the size of your laptop.

Overview:iCaller Ipa App iOS Free Download

Description: This software provides a much more complete environment for making calls.TurboScan™ Pro Ipa App iOS Free Download.iCaller Ipa App iOS Free Download

Quick search and set of contacts
A new utility from KiraLine Inc ICaller is a modern search engine that you can use to quickly find the right person and dial your phone number, iCaller Ipa App iOS Free Download

T9 system for your iPhone
You can search for contacts through the T9 system, one of the most popular mobile phone users in the world. In the T9 system, you enter a word with an emphasis on the keys, each word has 4-5 letters. As a result, the speed of typing increases, and the intelligent program extracts the words you are looking for.iCaller Ipa App iOS Free Download

Two words in search
We all faced common names. For example, 15 people in my phone book answer Sergeyev, who has different names or different aspects of my life. In one of the latest updates, iCaller developers developed a search system for two words. Use the “1” button to further filter the contacts.iCaller Ipa App iOS Free Download

Quick text messages and deletion of contacts from call history
For us it is important that our applications have the greatest functionality at the same time. You can send text messages from your home screen by swiping your finger over your contacts: Swipe in one direction. Send a text message, Swipe another to delete a contact from the call history. The dial string can also use the same operation.

In the settings, you can specify a priority by first or last name. This is especially important if you can search for a double word. The screen settings allow you to select the screen background, select the main contact number or display list for selection and choose the image type – the icon with the photo or the name of the contact. You can also search for and type contacts by selecting “Start the main screen” or “Keyboard” at startup.


You can also increase the speed of your action by using the T9 keys in addition to searching by number, name and…

Score: 4.5
Applicable age: 4+
Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1.1 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad

iCaller Ipa App iOS Free Download

iCaller Ipa App iOS Free Download Therefore, this program is especially useful when driving and slow traffic on the road.