Idle Factory Tycoon is a simulation game that comes with its Android APK version. Empire Warriors TD: Epic Tactical RTS Apk Game Android Free Download

You have to work on the game and make money, but it’s not so easy and easy.

You must build your own factory with the money you have in the first place and then administer it.

You should be able to properly hire your employees for the profession, then put them in their own place and place your own equipment and safety equipment for your plant, and then at the best you can make money from your own factory and with the money in You can increase your work and build other workers, expand your own plant or boost your equipment, hire more workers and compete with other successful factories in that city and challenge them.

Drag The game is online, but when you come out of the game and offline, the workers do their work and make money for you.

But you have to check during the game to keep your factory safe from insolvency or low income, or not working properly.

Idle Factory Tycoon:

Managing your own factories and their workflow.

-Game online.

-To recruit other managers to handle your work.

-Manager up to 20 different factories.

-Tools, batteries, car and airplane products, etc.