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IMazing software; the most powerful management software for Windows and OS X, What answer do you have when someone asks you the name of the software with the full power of IDoys? It’s best not to answer iTunes.


iMazing Idevice Manager Free Download

Although iTunes is the core part of managing IDEOS and the main thing that you should have, the features of this software are also subject to Apple’s perpetual restraint policies. That’s why it’s possible to say iTunes is the worst response to the above iMazing Free Download.

If you’ve been struggling with Apple’s iOS world for some time, you’ll definitely need to have more powerful iDevice management software than iTunes. In this case, you will have different options ahead of you. Software such as iFunBox, iTools, or even the desktop client of 25PP and Tangbo services. What is the criterion for choosing and how can one make the best? As you read in the post title, there are fewer people who can use iMazing software for a while, but do not select it as the most powerful management software for IDEAS.

This post introduces the key features of iMazing software and we will see why this software deserves to receive such a title. To date, you have used iTunes or other iDevice management software, you will see what is the leading iMazing feature. So let’s skip ahead and look at the key features of iMazing:

IMazing software features

access to information


iMazing Idevice Manager Free Download

Different approach to accessing files: iTunes encounters your IDE like a library. Whenever you need to copy or remove a music, video, app or image on your device, you need to sink all of the IDOS data with iTunes. This is not only time consuming, it also makes it easy for your device to be managed on a single computer and connecting it to any other computer can cause loss of information. In iMazing, the approach is completely different, and any file on the IDOS can be accessed independently of other information, deleted or added information to them. This way of managing the perennial trouble of iTunes management will be eliminated.

Access to the app and games data: With iMazing, you can go to the application and game data store and manage them. For example, you can open the Documents folder an application for video playback, and copy the videos you want to watch on iOS 8 to this folder.

Full access to system files in the case of jailbroken Add-ons: This is one of the few items that need to be jailbroken by the IDE-DOS. But it should be noted that such a necessity is not unaffordable. Jailbreak is an action that allows access to system files, and iMazing has made it possible for exploration to be made between system files in a graphical environment, if you have such a condition on iOS.

Wireless or Wi-Fi Management: Naturally, the first step you need to run IDOS is to connect it to the computer. But by iMazing, you can do all the work wirelessly. If your IDE is connected to a shared Wi-Fi network with the computer running iMazing, you will see the device name in the list of connected devices. You can tap on the name of the device and see the features associated with it.


iMazing Idevice Manager Free Download

Installing the iOS app without iTunes: Using the iMazing software application does not require iTunes to install the app. Advantage of using iMazing to install the app. No need to sync the entire device app to the computer every time the app is installed.

It’s possible to download apps and games files with the data: iTunes uses the same sink to keep the installation file of the games and games, and to keep the data they need to get the backup of all of the IDEOS data. But in iMazing, every application is separate from other applications. You can back up an app with its data, and install it with the same setup feature as installing the app on another IdioWindows without losing any data. With the help of this feature video files, video games apps, game apps and games, data downloaded by downloaders and many more.

iMazing Idevice Manager Free Download

Full Duplication of Add-ons: Although iMazing is equipped with all of the features of the Independent Information Management, it’s not forgotten about the possibility of a backup. This feature is the same as the iTunes backup feature. With the difference that there is no news of sync. Additionally, iDevice will connect each user to iMazing and select Backup. What you will end up with will be a full backup of all of the data in the IDU.

Cloning the IDEs: As outlined in the previous section, iMazing’s full backup is done from the IDvideos. After duplication with the help of iMazing, you can restore the backup to another device and get two identical IDEs with the same exact data.

Ability to save backups in custom areas: This makes it much easier to move backups.


iMazing Idevice Manager Free Download

Ability to copy music on IDEO without the need for a sink. Copying music to IDEVOIS for users who resort to iTunes is one of the most painful works, and the bitter experiences of the total loss of music during this process are few. IMazing also makes it much easier with the same slick policy, and moving music to IDEOS simply moves music and keys to the key.

Ability to copy music from the IDE-DOS to the computer: It’s not possible to copy one-way music and you can transfer music to the computer to the computer.

Direct Copy from / To iTunes: If you use iTunes to play music on your computer, with iMazing you can add music directly from the iTunes library to IDEO or add iDunes music directly to the iTunes library on your computer. Extract


iMazing Idevice Manager Free Download

Extract IdioDesign Images Without Sink: iTunes software displays the worst performance in image management. When managing images with iTunes, you will not have the option to extract the images you want to extract, and the only way to draw even a picture is to sync your entire device with the computer. IMazing removes this barrier and allows you to extract images from the gallery without the need for a sink.

Messages / Contacts / Contacts of the Office Phone / Notes

iMazing Idevice Manager Free Download

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iMazing Idevice Manager Free Download

Access via Backup: Once you have downloaded iDazy data from iMazing, you can manage all of the above information thoroughly. You can use this information to output standard formats or just view them inside iMazing.