his jailbreak is very easy and is done with the help of  jailbreakme.com using Safari on the device.

Devices and firmware not indicated in the table don’t support this jailbreak.

Jailbreakme 3.0 makes upgrading your operational system very easy and is especially recommended for new users.

To jailbreak your device using this method you need Wi-Fi or 3G preferably with good connection.


1. Run Safari on your iPhone / iPad / iPod and go to jailbreakme.com. You’ll see something like this:

iOS 3.1.2—4.0.1, 4.3—4.3.3

2. Tap FREE below Cydia as if you’re in AppStore. The you’ll see Install button


iOS 3.1.2—4.0.1, 4.3—4.3.3

3. Tap Install and Safari will crash, but Cydia should still download as if you’re downloading it from AppStore.

iOS 3.1.2—4.0.1, 4.3—4.3.3

4. That’s it! You’ve jailbroken your device.