Software iTools one of the applications for Windows and Macintosh systems are, without connecting to iTunes with this software, you can transfer all your phone and move files and can also connect to the App without iTunes installed, the application Ytvlz a very powerful file manager and professional.

Overview :

ITools is the software for managing your iPhone, iPod and iPad, with special features such as installing apps – pouring music onto your device and more. Gives you.iTools Free Download

Say goodbye to the problems with transferring files, music and videos to iTunes forever!iTools Free Download

The program can safely be said to be the best app for managing Apple devices that has existed so far and with this program you can manage all your information easily.iTools Free Download

It does not matter what format they are, because the software itself converts them into visible form

Manage highly advanced photos and videos taken by your own device
A very simple transfer of book types and PDF files using iBooks
Very simple installation of all kinds of apps with just one click!
Advanced Springboard Management from PC! (For the first time ever)
Very easy to manage files in the system
Very simple and advanced retrieval capability
Ability to manage the contact list and add contacts and sync with your computer
You can add Ringingtone, Wallpaper in a very simple way
Ability to scroll from apps
And ….

iTools Free Download

Software iTools the ability to transfer all the files including videos, photos, music, etc. to the device.

Among the things you can do with the software iTools automatically convert videos and music to various extensions, providing a backup, add background images and themes and ringtones, access device files and thousands of other features.Another Great App : iFiles App Ios Free Download.

Characteristics of software iTools:

– Easy operation

– Transfer all files such as photos, videos, etc

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iTools Free Download

Due to the many features of this software, I can no longer describe it! I recommend you try it yourself!.ITools software is available for Windows users and Mac

App For Ios


 iTools 2013 Beta 1018 v2.2.0 For Mac – Volume 2 MB

Download iTools 2013 Build 1025 For Windows – 3 megabytes

 software iTools 2014 1115E for Windows: Size 2.60 MB

Download software iTools 2014 2.3.2 for Mac: Size 2.59 MB


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