Lynda - Android Studio Essential Training

Lynda Android Studio Essential тренингін тегін жүктеп алыңыз

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Android Studio Essential Training is a video tutorial that includes basic and necessary training to work with Android programming language.

Lynda - Android Studio Essential Training

Lynda - Android Studio Essential Training

Android Studio Essential Training course through all the necessary features android studio and other vital resources such as Java Development Kit and Intel HAXM runs. Тағы бір тамаша пост: How to install Android 4.4 KitKat on your phone & tablet

Lynda - Android Studio Essential Training

This course is taught by the company Lynda and David Gassner one of the experts in this field has been developed.

Lynda - Android Studio Essential Training

Android Studio Essential Training course instructor David Gassner introduces the user interface, which helps you to customize your work environment and surroundings and useful shortcuts for writing and provides code refactoring.

Lynda - Android Studio Essential Training

The headlines of course Android Studio Essential Training:


– welcome

– Before using this period to what you need

– Using the exercise files

– About Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA

1. бастау

– Installation (Java Developer Kit (JDK

– Install Android Studio on a Mac OS X

– Hardware Installation on a Mac OS X HAXM

– Manage updates Android Studio

– Download additional content management Android SDK

– Build your first Android project

– Consideration of a project to Android Studio

2. Configure your development environment

– Configure Android Studio

– Use of simulators and virtual machines for testing

– Construction of new virtual machines

– Install a device driver on Windows

– Physical connection to test equipment

3. Enter the code available to Android Studio

– Importing projects from Eclipse with ADT

– Import projects with undiagnosed JAR files

– Set the Java programming style After entering the project

– Enter the Android SDK sample programs

4. Working with the user interface

– Use menus and toolbar

– Search files and folders

– Seeks other Windows tools

– Manipulation of the outer layer of Windows

5. Building Management Gradle project

– Work with Gradle and other configuration files

– Add the JAR files and module dependency

– Adding remote libraries in compliance with Maven

6. Use software version control with Git

– Install Git on Windows

– Install Git on Mac OS X

– Create repositories on GitHub

– Sharing a Andryvd by GitHub project
– Recover a GitHub repository with

7. code editing and debugging

– Create a new youth

– Refactoring Java code

– Filter and Search logcat messages

– Using breakpoints, and viewing phrases

– Inspection by an Android Device Monitor

– Inspection program memory usage

– Learn shortcuts editing code

  • View Video Tutorial Android Studio Essential Training:

– Genre: Education

– Company: Linda

– Instructor: David Gassner

– Training Time: 2 hours 40 minutes

– Training projects: Yes

- Ағылшын тілі

– Quality Display: 720 x 1280

– File Format: Mp4

– Canada Subtitles: None

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Lynda – Android Studio Essential Training Free download

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