Mayhem Combat - Fighting Game Apk Android тегін жүктеп алыңыз

Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game Apk Android тегін жүктеп алыңыз

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Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game Description
Mayhem Combat 1.5.1 is an action game from the Vivid Games S.A.Survival Squad Apk Game Android тегін жүктеп алыңыз.

game studio, released on the Android market for free. In this Android game, you have to fight enemies using a variety of weapons and skills. Choose an appropriate strategy to survive longer.

To fight criminals, set the best team and fight in certain situations. Steps are made of a variety of deadly traps, such as flames, trains, etc., then avoid them or use these traps to your advantage.

Some features of the Mayhem Combat Android:

– Collect over 100 items of powerful weapons
– Customize your game style
– The existence of a variety of challenging stages
– There are various types of deadly traps
– Open new paths
– Upgrading weapons and warriors
– A set of single-player missions
– Unique visual style and cutting images by Unreal Engine 4 technology

Файл сипаттамалары

The name of the program Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game
Application version 1.5.1
Файл өлшемі 32 + 117 МБ
Android 5.0 және одан жоғары нұсқасын талап етеді
IP Google Poly com.vividgames.metalfist
Арья жүктеп салды
1953 рет жүктелген
Upload Date 02/04/2012

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