download links File size: 98 megabytes Android 4.1 and above

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Download Last Hope TD – Zombie Tower Defense with Heroes v3.51 Castle defense game: Android War Zombies
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Last Hope TD is a beautiful strategic game created and published by the JE Software AB Gaming Studio.

Zombie tower: In this free world, you will join the war created against the zombie groups and harness the invaders and any kind of threats that roam the land.

Choose from the champions with multiple strengths and unique skills.

With a wide range of castles, you can easily take your strategies.

Enjoy visual defensive castles with stunning three-dimensional graphics!

Some features of Last Hope TD Android:

– More than 130 different stages that challenge your strategies and defenses.Find behind the scenes of the zombie invasion, control the invader’s leader, fight on the ground or battlefield to win coins and honor.

– 6 different hero types you can choose from, a prince with salt, crazy mechanics and …

– There are 12 different types of towers to protect yourself. To build each of these towers, you must find a special tree and each type of tower has special features and strength. Hole zombies with the tower of shooting and hit them with Tesla Tower and …

– Search for abandoned land and confront more than 59 different enemy types. If these are not enough for you, go further and deal with 5 bosses of monsters scattered around the map to attack you.

– Mighty heroes using their skills can destroy a lot of hard zombies with a heavy attack.

– The Tome Monsters will help you find the weakness of enemies

– And…